International office



Liliya Bedriy-Fertsak

Head of office





International office was founded in 2008. It is coordinating structural division, which purpose is to develop and implement a strategy for international activities of the university, the expansion and deepening of the foreign contacts, promote international cooperation in education and science, providing visa support, acceptance and training of foreign students at the university.

The main objectives of International office:

   - coordinating and exchanging information, establishing contacts with foreign educational and scientific institutions, government and prominent public figures, famous scientists, professors and lecturers, as well as foreigners who want to study at university;

   - organization of international meetings, seminars, conferences, sporting events, training and implementation with other departments of the University of agreements on cooperation;

   - visa support organization and training of foreign citizens at the university and the organization of the legalization of diplomas of foreign citizens;

   - collection, processing and dissemination of information on operational conditions of education and training abroad, how to participate in international programs, projects, grants, support for database exchange programs;

   - assist in the execution of documents related to international exchanges, which include travel and receiving teaching staff, staff and graduate students for teaching and lecturing, conducting teaching and research, training, professional development, participation in international symposia, conferences, seminars, sports events;

   - acceptance of official foreign delegations and individual experts;

   - coordination of work within the projects carried out at the university, maintaining contacts with foundations and missions working in Ukraine.

The Office is actively working to involve vocational training to foreign nationals. Today the University has successfully trained foreigners from Poland, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Guinea, Marocco, Libya, Romania, Estonia, Croatia, Syria, Israel, Korea.

Division and teaching staff LDUFK actively works on international grants programs, including Project Cross Border Cooperation Programme Poland - Belarus - Ukraine for 2007-2013, Erasmus+.

Stuff of International office speaks different languages: Liliia Bedrii-Fertsak - Ukrainian, French, Russian; Mariana Babych - Ukrainian, English, Russian; Oksana Trush - Ukrainian, English, Russian.



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