Entry prosedure



 1. You need to scan your passport, education certificate and subjects marks and send on relationsldufk@ukr.net. Point your name and sign a Consent to personal data collection and processing.     




 2. Than we send this documents to Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and in case of positive answer we make an invitation for studding (cost of invitation 25 $) and send it to you.          

 3. You need to apply to Ukrainian Embassy with invitation,  passport, education certificate and subjects marks, for studding visa. With visa and list of necessary documents (below) you come to Ukraine. Here we meet you and make temporary registration.

  Attention! You need to have an original of invitation crossing the border.


 List of necessary documents:

 - an application (is filled at the university);

 - passport and notarized translation of the passport (can be done in Ukraine);

 - notified copy of  education certificate and received disciplines marks (points) (notification can be done in Ukraine);

 - copy of the birth certificate and it’s translation;

 - medical health certificate, certified by an official health authority of the country from which the foreigner issued not later than two months before leaving for study in Ukraine;

 - medical document of absence of HIV infection;

 - insurance policy for emergency medical care (except for foreigners coming from countries that signed the treaty on free emergency medical care);

 - six photos (size 60x40 mm);

The entrance test is in the form of interview.


Deadlines for documents filing:

from August, 15 till November, 15


TUITION FEES (per year):

 Educational qualification of Bachelor:

 Secondary education (physical education) - 1500 USD

 Physical education and sport - 1500 USD

 Physical therapy and ergotherapy - 1500 USD

 Management - 1500 USD

 Choreography - 1500 USD

 Hotel, restaurant and catering - 1500 USD

 Tourism - 1500 USD

Educational qualification of Master:

 Secondary education (physical education) - 2000 USD

 Physical therapy and ergotherapy - 2000 USD

 Phisical education and sport - 2000

 Choreography - 2000 USD

 Tourism - 2000 USD


* the tuition fees carried ​​in local currency at the rate of NBU on the day of payment.