Навчальні матеріали Тиждень фізичної терапії REHAB

Teaching materials from REHAB Physiotherapy
Week 23-27.11.2020

Recap on the Physiotherapy Week 23-27.11.2020 hosted by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.
Teaching Materials on days in English :

Finland and Finnish Physiotherapy Education
Materials from Monday’s sessions by link  https://rehabeukr.eu/intensive-weeks/physiotherapy-week-23rd-28th-november-2020/materials-from-pt-week-23rd-nov-2020/

Fitness Testing as a tool for Health enhancement
Evidence-based physiotherapy
Materials from Tuesday’s sessions by link https://rehabeukr.eu/intensive-weeks/physiotherapy-week-23rd-28th-november-2020/materials-pt-week-tue-24th-nov-2020/

Geriatric physiotherapy, assessing functional ability and clinical reasoning
Qualitative research in Physiotherapy
Soteekk and Kokeilimo  LivingLab – learning environment  for students
Materials from Wednesday’s sessions by link  https://rehabeukr.eu/intensive-weeks/physiotherapy-week-23rd-28th-november-2020/pt-week-monday-23rd-nov-2020/

APA-course in physiotherapy studies in SAMK
Neurological physiotherapy: Stroke, methods supporting functioning - online teaching
Research ethic
Materials from Thursday’s sessions by link https://rehabeukr.eu/intensive-weeks/physiotherapy-week-23rd-28th-november-2020/materials-for-pt-week-thur-27th-nov-2020/

Open lecture on Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) by Professor James Selfe from Manchester Metropolitan University.
The experience of pain from a social , cultural, emotional and identity perspective
Materials from Friday’s sessions by link https://rehabeukr.eu/intensive-weeks/physiotherapy-week-23rd-28th-november-2020/materials-pt-week-fri-27th-nov-2020/

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