List of documents which submit to the Specialized Scientific Council applicants for scientific degrees

1. An application to the head of the Specialized Scientific Council on the adoption of the dissertation for examination, in which should indicate whether it is the first defending of this dissertation.

2. Two copies of the first page of the applicant’s passport.

3. Personal card (form P-2DS).

4. Two copies of the master's degree. If the document issued by the higher educational institution of a foreign country – notarized translation of diploma into Ukrainian, and recognition copy of foreign education certificate issued by Ministry of education and science of Ukraine (2 copies).         

Two copies of the certificate of name change (in case of name change).

5. Certificate of candidate examinations (for applicants for Candidate degree) in the form specified by the Regulations on the preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

6. Extract from the order of admission to postgraduate course, certified by the established procedure in case the applicant for candidate degree studied in postgraduate course.

7. Two copies of Candidate of Sciences degree (for applicants for Doctor of Sciences degree). If the document on scientific degree issued and legalized by an authority of a foreign country, with which is signed an international agreement on mutual recognition of documents on academic degrees, unless otherwise provided by international agreements and conventions, additionally submit  notarized translation of the document in Ukrainian.

8. The conclusion of the scientific and practical value of the thesis, issued by organization where thesis was carried, or to which had been placed an applicant (2 copies). The conclusion issued as extract from the department meeting minutes, signed by the head of the Department, as a rule by Doctor of Sciences, approved by the head of scientific institutions of university and sealed.

9. Reviewed of supervisor (scientific consultant) with the assessment of the applicant and his work in preparing the dissertation, sealed on the main job of the supervisor (scientific consultant).


To the documents attached:

-          The dessertation is made in accordance with the requirements, in the number of copies, bound and signed by the author. It is necessary transfer them to storage to the National Library of Ukraine named after V. Vernadskyi of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, library of research institution, higher educational institution where established specialized scientific council and to send opponents. All copies signed by the author on the title page.

-          Author’s abstract of dissertation, designed in accordance to the requirements, signed by the author on the cover (3 copies).

-          Monographs, author’s certificates (copies), articles (copies), printed theses listed in the author’s abstract submitted on paper signed by Scientific Secretary (List of scientific papers).

-          Author’s abstract of Candidate dessertation protected by applicant (for candidates of Doctor of Sciences degree).

-          Copy of protected Candidate thesis (for candidates of Doctor of Sciences degree).

-          Four postcards with stamps and the address of the applicant (2 cards) and location of special council (2 cards). On the back of postcards in the upper corner have to be writen name and surname of applicant, a branch of science and degree to which it applies.

-          CD-R or CD-RW that contains a file with the text of the author’s abstract. File name aref.doc (2 pcs.).

-          CD which contains a file with the text of the thesis. File name dis. doc. (2 pcs.).

-          The act of primary documentation and metrological expertise of the thesis research (1 copy).

-          Primary documentation.

-          Certificate of cooperation in developing the theme (arbitrary form) with the signature of the topic supervisor.

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